In-Home Consultation Customer Testimonial from Kevin C. in San Antonio, FL

I used to think that water softeners were a luxury that I didn't need. After years of itchy, scaly skin and hard water deposits that ruined my plumbing, appliances and dishes, I decided to have AC Plumbing install a WaterRight softening system. It was the best decision that I've made in years! My wife and I now have soft hair and skin with clean appliances and dishes that rinse spot-free with none of that annoying hard water scale buildup. Soap and shampoo lathers up quickly too. We use far less fabric softener and detergent in the laundry and our clothes are cleaner. We should have installed our softener years ago. Go ahead and treat yourself! Let A.C.Plumbing show you how you can have clean, soft water at a reasonable price.

- Kevin C. of San Antonio, FL
Tuesday, June 4th
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