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Alex Cameron started A.C. Plumbing in 1974. His sons, Scott and Greg Cameron worked alongside their father and learned the importance of honesty and reliability. He taught them to work hard and do the best job possible. After Alex passed in 1996, the Cameron's continued A.C. Plumbing in the way it was founded.

A.C. Plumbing VehiclesAs plumbers & technicians (not salesmen), they will meet to discuss your needs & be the ones who install your water treatment equipment. Scott & Greg believe in installing American made products at a competitive price. A.C. Plumbing sees the difference & offers higher quality equipment than the box stores & other competitors.

They know the importance of testing the water first & explaining the results to the customer. A.C. Plumbing will show you how to maintain your system or offer service to maintain it for you. 

About WaterCare

What began as a small supply shop for portable exchange tanks and supplies has grown into a global water treatment company. For over 60 years, WaterCare has been dedicated to making water good for life and has been recognized as a leader in the water treatment business.

Since the beginning, WaterCare has remained at the forefront of the industry, with the latest technologies, all built in the USA, and a knowledgeable network of dealers that are ready to help. To them, water treatment means making water more efficient for your home, it means longer lifespans for your appliances, it means saving you money, and it means better health and wellness for your family.

Our team of water industry experts can solve even the toughest water problems with some of the smartest equipment on the market!


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