I used to think that water softeners were a luxury that I didn't need. After years of itchy, scaly skin and hard water deposits that ruined my plumbing, appliances and dishes, I decided to have AC Plumbing install a WaterRight softening system. It was the best decision that I've made in years! My wife and I now have soft hair and skin with clean appliances and dishes that rinse spot-free with none of that annoying hard water scale buildup. Soap and shampoo lathers up quickly too. We use far less fabric softener and detergent in the laundry and our clothes are cleaner. We should have installed our softener years ago. Go ahead and treat yourself! Let A.C.Plumbing show you how you can have clean, soft water at a reasonable price.
Kevin C., San Antonio, Fl

Scott & Greg,

Honestly, we thought we would eventually need to treat the water when they drilled the new well which as I told you earlier had no iron in it for the first three months. As is the case with many wells which I am sure you know only too well (no pun intended), after initial use many water supplies change. I am not sure if our system has gone through a cycle yet although since the battery backup kept the program, it probably did on Saturday night. Our power was back on Thursday so I think it has. At any rate, the water quality is terrific, and as you predicted even the taste has improved.

I wanted to thank you for delivering on your promise with quality installation and product. Do not hesitate to use me as a reference!

By the way, we should have already brought you a sample from Moss Creek and I will be sure an follow up on that!
Brent W.

Scott & Greg,

I just want to Thank you for your excellent job on replacing my two water softeners,

Your patience and concern to please was exceptional. I now have a HAPPY wife who is actually drinking our water. You can be assured if I need or any of my friends needs plumbing assistance, A.C. Plumbing will be called.
Howard R.

Scott & Greg,

We are privileged to have you as friends and trustworthy plumbers.

We appreciate your God-given skillful talents and Christian integrity, and work ethics.

May God continue to Bless you.
Reverly P.

Dear Scott,

Larry is very pleased with his water now!

Thanks so much for doing this for us.May God continue to Bless you and your family.

Your friends,
Marvin & Gwen H.


The water is working great and taste so much better. Thank you for doing such a good job. I appreciate both of you and know your Dad would be proud of you!

R. McBath

Water Quality AssociationWater Quality Association Certified Water SpecialistWater Quality Association Certified Installer